Vintage manual lens on Fuji body

I picked up a vintage Olympus OM10 with an Olympus F.Zuiko 50mm 1.8 lens from 1979 for 1$ at a flee market. The lens looks beat up but works fine both optically and mechanically.

Budapest below ground

The metro in Budapest is nice mix of vintage and modern. Line 1 (2nd oldest subway line in Europe) was opened in 1896. Line 4 is a modern one similar to those you find in huge asian cities.

Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

On the southern tip of this island (located in the middle of the Donau River, Budapest) there is a really cool spot under the three way intersection where the bridges meet.


Kastrup - my 'home' airport even though it is Denmark and one of my favorite airports in the world - stylish and nice looking and well organized.

Good Boy

I usually compose the images in the viewfinder while shooting. This one however I prefer when cropped to a square format.

"Good Boy" - Kalmar. 2019. Fujifilm X100T