3 weeks in Hanoi (part 1)

We're in Hanoi since a couple of days. Renting a place in the relatively quiet area Tay Ho next to West Lake.

3rd time in Saigon

Saigon... it's the 3rd time we visit this city. This time we rent an apartement in the posh expat area Thao Dien.

Rach Gia

On our way to Saigon we stopped for a day in Rach Gia - a town that I don't think gets that many visits from western tourists. A lot of people were giggling, touching or commenting the color of our eyes/hair, or simply waving and yelling "hello" from across the street or from passing mopeds - all in a very friendly manner. A young girl approached us and asked if she could walk with us for a while so that she could practice her English.

Duong Dong

We're back in Vietnam. A year has passed since we where in the country last time. One of the places we visited was the town Duong Dong on the island Phu Quoc,