Air quality

We're back in Sweden after almost 2 months in Vietnam. I already miss the warmer climate but boy its nice to breathe clean fresh air again. The air in Honoi sucks (Hanoi apparently is one of the five most polluted cities on the world). I also notice how clear and blue the sky here in Sweden is compared to Vietnam. Anyway.. some recent urban details from Malmö:

Triangeln, Malmö. Fujifilm X100T

Davidshall, Malmö. Fujifilm X100T

Seven weeks in Vietnam

During spring 2018 our family spent seven weeks in Vietnam. We revisited Hanoi and Saigon but also visited new places like Phu Quoc, Duong Dong and Rach Gia. Here's a page with some of my favorite shots from those weeks: [Link]

3 weeks in Hanoi (part 3)

Leaving Hanoi after 3 weeks. Sure it is very photogenic but the traffic and poor air quality is very tiresome.

3 weeks in Hanoi (part 2)

Another set of images from Hanoi - the most photogenic city I have visited. So much details everywhere - the mix of nature and man made materials, the slow decay of paint, concrete and metal...